Pictures and description of work done in 2014

Pictures of the year 2014

January – February: Due to a change in law the babies who still need nappies needed to be relocated in one of the rooms for the 2 to 3 year olds. We also needed to provide a separate room for nappy changing and playing. With the generous donations of our guests we were able to build an interior wall, a window, install lights as well as running water and a nappy changing station. Additionally the money was used to renovate a back wall of one of the houses. Pictures of the work done

March – April: Building of a new room for 116.000,00 Rand (11.600 USD). Most of the money was provided by the principal of Noluthando, Mavis (about 80.000 Rand). African Bikers financed the rest with donations of guests and own contributions. Pictures of the work done

May – June: Finishing up the class room with electricity, sub ceiling and , gutters, porch and painting of the outside wall. Pictures of the work done

Presently (July): Painting of the outside wall and fixing gutters Pictures here