Guest Comments

Deborah N. (UK)

"We always shudder slightly when we see how much we have to pay for an African Bikers Tour but the service is generally 1st class so ultimately it seems like good value for money. Naina and Hery were exceptional guides and team members .Seamless, first class service from them. They both worked tirelessly to ensure that we had everything that we could possibly need. We could not have asked for better Service. We were delighted to have the opportunity to meet Klaus on our last evening in Madagascar and share our enthusiasm and experiences with the incoming guests. Thank you. Our only slightly less positive comments are that we would have liked more time in Isalo National Park on 24th October, the Bourgainvillea Hotel was absolutely awful (barely 2* and certainly not 3*) and we were taken to a fish restaurant for lunch on 26th October where there were no vegetarian dishes on the menu (that said they produced a very good plate of salad for us on demand). We would prefer hotels/lodges out of town wherever possible. "

10/2018 – Madagascar - Cycling holiday from the highlands to the coast

France P. (USA)

"I have had a splendid tour on the Garden Route, which finished yesterday. The quality of guiding, driving, organization and accommodations was outstanding. Sonja did an awesome guiding job. My expectations were surpassed in many ways. Thank you for helping me with gear storage during the tour and adjustment to my front brake. "

03/2018 – Cycling along the Garden Route to Cape Town - 12 days

David P. (USA)

"Though our tour ended on a rocky note with an ER visit for me, it was still a great trip. Having continuous backup was great. Sonja was/is an amazing young woman and we enjoyed our time with her immensely. We felt like she was more than a driver/host and more like a friend. She could have been the daughter we never had! We were unable to do some things due to weather (“Ostrich safari”), and missed the last day of riding due to my illness. Several of the route sheets could have been more accurate, but in the end it didn’t matter since Sonja was always nearby. As a group of two, we were able to do a little extra riding a couple days as well which was nice. Overall it was a great trip and I would recommend African Bikers. Additionally I would recommend a bonus for Sonja."

11/2017 – Cycling along the Garden Route to Cape Town - 12 days

Neil & Susan R. (USA)

"Sue: Everything was done very well. South Africa is a magical destination for cyclists. It was a really great tour – the scenery, tour guide (Jens Deister) and driver (Granville), and the ride itself were top notch. Neil: This was a really nice destination – didn't know exactly what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The guide included several (but not too many) extra activities which added regional flavor to the tour. My special experience was getting to ride an ostrich!"

02/2017 – Racing bike tour along the Garden Route to Cape Town

Sabine & Lothar N. (B)

"We enjoyed our trip from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town very much. Everything was very well organised and our guest houses were all outstanding. Mooiplaas was our favorite and Bar-T-Nique the least due to a noisy room. Our guide; Mark was superb. His knowledge of the region; tracks, history and nature were excellent. His organisational talent was very good to obtain the most from our intensive program. We returned home with plenty of anekdotes that will frequently remind us of this wonderful trip."

11/2016 – Cycling along the Garden Route to Cape Town - 12 days

Rosy T. (UK)

"We had a brilliant time and it certainly fulfilled all our expectations and more. The itinerary was full and busy and made interesting because of our fantastic guide Peter who was knowledgeable, informative and very importantly fun., so our evenings were fun too. Having said that a few hours to relax sometimes would have been good. As a slow cyclist I found it challenging especially as I was with very strong cyclists, but Peter helped me with the bits of the route I could do and Cisco the driver was brilliant. I would highly recommend this holiday as a fantastic way to see and learn about South Africa, but one certainly has to be a good cyclist to get the most from the Holiday."

11/2016 – Cycling tour along the Garden Route to CapeTown Tour A & B - 18 days

Mark and Julia S. (UK)

"We have undertaken many similar tours worldwide previously and have considerable experience of the general nature of the holiday. We were concerned initially with the cost of the tour, particularly with the changes in exchange rates that took place during the booking process. However we were very pleased with the range of the itinerary, the standard of the accommodation offered and the wide variety of day trips and experiences that were incorporated. I think that the opportunity to travel in a smaller group of English speakers was very helpful to us. This was very much as a result of having Peter as our guide. We really felt that, not only did he have an impressive understanding in relation to all topics on South Africa that we raised, but also that he was prepared to work extremely hard to ensure that all of the differing individual requests made by our groups members could be fulfilled to the greatest extent possible, with no hint of any reservations in respect of anything. This attitude was underpinned by what was obviously a deep love for his home country, a sense of fun and adventure and infinite patience. I think your charity work is wholeheartedly commendable and one that we would be pleased to support. We were concerned that in not taking up the last days tour that we might have been letting down any expectations of the township of a visit from us. It is however challenging during the short annual period that we have free from our jobs to dedicate a period of time in what was otherwise a schedule pretty much without break to this cause. Perhaps you might be able to distinguish this whole element in a distinct and separate paragraph in your details offering people to opportunity of either experiencing or potentially directly donating to the cause, rather than just generally expecting it to be taken up as if it was a normal inclusion in a standard holiday. I do hope these comments are helpful. We are very grateful to you and your team for enabling us to have had a tremendous experience in South Africa, and one that will stay with us for many years to come."

11/2016 – Cycling tour along the Garden Route to CapeTown Tour A & B - 18 days

Don F.(CA)

"Just want to let you know that our trip to the Cape was awesome. Caren was terrific and everyone was raving about her. Thanks for setting up our itinerary and making it very special!."

04/2016 – Customized road and MTB tour in the Western Cape

Adrian P. (UK)

"Thanks for a great trip!"

02/2016 – Racing bike tour along the Garden Route to Cape Town

Gordon D. (UK)

"Thank you to Jens, Mark & Granville for a memorable trip. Also thank you Doreen for your organisational skills."

02/2016 – Racing bike tour along the Garden Route to Cape Town

Tanja A. (US)

"The Garden Route tour was actually a little harder than we all expected – it was exactly as described, but still took a little out of all of us. Therefore when we would arrive at our lodging, everyone was too tired to really enjoy the surroundings. I would suggest one rest/very light hike/pure sightseeing day in the middle of the tour to recover. Stellenbosch would be my suggestion, as the accommodations were so wonderful but hardly used, and the town so close by. Steve was an amazing guide – expertly looked after us and super nice as well."

12/2015 – Cycling along the Garden Route to Cape Town - 12 days

Dennis & Terry S. (US)

"Straight off, I want to say that we had a wonderful time and we both want to thank African Bikers for the work that was conducted for us. Our Flight was booked outside of African Bikers. May I add that it was a pleasure to fly on South African Airways (much better than any American Airline for seat room and in flight service). Our Tour Guide, Johann Erasmus, was exceptional. He was knowledgeable, experienced, and excellent in all respects. We were often given different perspectives on a wide variety of issues. His knowledge of things Nature was superb. His understanding of multiple languages was quite beneficial to us. All Accommodations were as expected or better and we appreciated the variety of lodging from Beehive Huts to 5 star hotels. We actually came with a list of foods to try (based on guide book suggestions and a natural desire to experience multiple cultures and ethnic cuisines). We were pleased to discover that most of our desired food and drink tastings came naturally by way of African Biker planning. It was obvious that someone at African Bikers has deliberately made food tasting a priority. The same effort is noticeable in lodging and event planning. We would/will recommend this Adventure to anyone. The tour gave us a very good feel of Africa, its nature, ethnicities, cultures, issues and positive outlook."

03/2015 – Customized cycling tour in Eastern South Africa, Swaziland, Mocambique

Monk & Rosie M. (UK)

"We got home safely about 4 days ago with a piece of our hearts still there. I cannot describe this wonderful trip and how well we were guided by Steve. We booked with African Bikers directly. At last night accommodation we felt that it was substandard compared to the rest of the beautiful places we stayed. The last night is supposed to be special and the B&B in Windhoek was not a place we would recommend. It was worn, the beds were not comfortable, very dark and not charming. In the other places we stayed there was a place to gather before dinner to chat, and this didn't have that amenity except outside but it was too cold to gather there. The food was too good we must diet. I must say that Steve Brown was probably one of the finest, most knowledgable and professional guide ever. To be able to speak clearly in 2-3 languages was most impressive. He has a sense of humor, always has a plan or plan B or C. He is the BEST!!!!"

08/2014 – Cycling tour to the highlights of Namibia 18 days

Chee (HK)

"It was an amazing trip! I truly enjoyed it. Lucien,the guide was excellent,very knowledgeable and organised. The hotels and food were good too. Thank you very much for your assistance to put me on this trip. Unforgettable. I hope to come back next year to bike in South Africa/ Namibia and hike in Drakensberg"

07/2014 – Madagascar - Cycling holiday from the highlands to the coast

Lesley E. (UK)

"Trip was fabulous. Lucien our guide is a 15 out of 10. One of our best guides ever. Great English, very knowledgeable about everything to do with Madagascar, it's people and animals. Accommodation was far superior to anything I was expecting. The Tsara Camp was best! When I read camp I was concerned, but it was lovely and very comfortable. Great to sleep in an actual permanent tent. Haven't tented for years and loved the wild outdoorsy feel. Great, great holiday. Have to say when we arrived I was concerned and then driving out of Tana the sights from the vehicle made me a little cautious, but the Malagasy people in the smaller towns and villages were friendly and nice. We “vazaha” were very interesting to them and they were very sweet. Never felt threatened on foot or on the bikes. You also Doreen are very good at what you do. Prompt, elaborate, detailed answers and responses make tourists more confident."

07/2014 – Madagascar - Cycling holiday from the highlands to the coast

Michaela G. & Ruth B. (UK)

"No doubt it was the best trip we have ever experienced. Many thanks to our wonderful guide, Birgit. Amazing how she handled it considering she was doing the work of at least two people every day. We walked for hours, she drove us to the next destination, had to organise car repairs and we don´t even know what else she had to deal with. She managed everything with such professionalism and always made sure that our needs were met even when we didn´t ask for anything – she just knew. Some days we would spend many hours in the mini bus driving from one place to the next but it never seemed boring and tedious, we still got to see loads when we had stops from time to time to enjoy the landscape and to take pictures. It has truly been a fantastic trip. Birgit´s never ending knowledge of the history of both the regions we passed through and the animals and plants that we saw was impressive! Having said that we want to point out that it seemed a little odd to us that only one person should accompany us. Of course we have seen that Birgit was able to manage all that was necessary for our trip, but on all other trips that we have booked it has been standard to have at least a driver and a guide. It seemed a better arrangement, if only for safety reasons or in case something happens to a member of the group during one of the hiking trips or someone falls ill and needs medical attention (we have experienced that on our trip last year). During the trip this year we have all been lucky in that respect. One other thing we would like to point out is that the bus was ok but the windows were too small and too low. They were not suitable to see the views, to look at animals or to take pictures during the drive. To be honest it seemed a bit small altogether. Even the trailer was full to the top. If it hadn´t been for our soft bags instead of the hard shell suitcases like the others, there wouldn´t have been enough room for all the bags in the trailer. There were 9 of us in the bus, many usually taking turns to sit in the front as we had the best view from there…, the rest of the bus was full with our day bags (we each had one) and food for the day or so. Some of us sat next to the piled up bags and it required each and everyone´s patience to get access to what was needed or wanted at any particular time, that means food, cameras, a fleece against the cold or a bottle of water etc. The bus itself was a sturdy one. For the length of time we spent rattling down long endless gravel roads, it was a miracle that it stayed in one piece! Pleased to say that it did and we all reached the end of our trip without any big problems."

07/2014 – Hiking tour through two countries - from Cape Town to Windhoek

Monica W. (CH)

"We all arrived back home well, with lots of good memories in our backpack, totally relaxed and happy! It was a fantastic trip through a wonderful country with its untouched nature and wilderness. We all did very much appreciate Steve’s great experience of guiding and the never-ending knowledge about wilderness and wildlife. That of course, made the tour very special! And of course Faizel is the best bus driver and a very cheerful person, we were lucky having him on this trip!"

08/2013 – Cycling tour to the highlights of Namibia 18 days

Patricia H. (USA)

"Andre made this trip for us. His knowledge, Spirit and love for his country is so strong, it made us love this country too. We enjoyed all the sites & places we stayed at. I would recommend this trip to anyone but I would insist they ask for Andre!"

04/2012 – Cycling tour in Eastern South Africa and Kingdom of Swaziland 13 days

Erica Hirsch (USA)

"This was an absolutely wonderful trip. The accommodations were great! The food was great! But the best part of our trip was our guide Andre. He was so knowledgeable and full of energy. Which helped make every day exciting and fun. I will definitely travel with African Bikers again and I would definitely request Andre to be our guide again. I couldn’t be happier with my travel experience. Thank you so much!"

04/2012 – Cycling tour in Eastern South Africa and Kingdom of Swaziland 13 days

Nancy R., Paul S., Chas S., Jenna H. (USA)

"We have arrived back from our wonderful Bike Safari with Whistling Duck Tours and it’s partner African Bikers. Our family was so pleased with our guides, our accommodations, and all the logistics involved in our tour from January 29-February 4, 2012. Let us start by saying our guides were terrific. Frank Wataka, from WDT, was a true gentleman in every way. He met us on time at the Busia border with a smile on his face, a wacky hat, and a competent van. He was a careful driver on some difficult roads and we felt quite safe and secure in his ability. He is a very smart man with knowledge of the people, the animals, birds, and Ugandan history. We depended on and enjoyed his company very much and we were sad to say good-bye. We will certainly recommend him as a tour guide to our friends. Secondly, we thoroughly enjoyed our biking guides Nash and his assistant bike guide, Mathew. Nash planned three days of wonderful mountain biking for us. The bikes were in great condition and we couldn’t help notice how hard Nash worked to keep the bikes in top form. He was personable and energetic and created challenging and fun biking routes. The first two days we biked through villages on soft African back roads. Nash arranged a local lunch at a Ugandan home where we were treated to traditional foods by a very generous Ugandan family. The last day of biking we were challenged by single track through the Mabira Forest. We arrived at our destination tired and sweaty but so proud of ourselves. Mathew was as dependable as they come. He rode “sweep” in the back and encouraged even the slowest biker. He was present with pineapple and bananas to keep us fueled and full of energy. He even packed in so much water in his backpack that it must have weighed as much as an elephant. We enjoyed his company throughout our biking safari. This was truly a trip of a lifetime for our family and we say thank you!"

01/2012 – The pearl of Africa: Biking to the Highlights of Uganda

Donna S. & Steve S. (USA)

"Great tour, Jasmin and Neil. Accomodations fabulous"

05/2011 – Hiking tour through two countries - from Cape Town to Windhoek

Tom, Peggy, Dan & Linda G. (USA)

"We arrived home from our fabulous vacation in Southern Africa. Everything went off without a hitch and you definitely managed to meet and/or exceed our expectations. We all had a wonderful time – Thank you so much. Feel free to use me as a reference for any of your potential clients. I would like to point out that Mike Taylor is an excellent guide and I would highly recommend that you continue to use him. He took care of all our needs and was extremely knowledgeable on all subjects -Tanzania and Safaris. The lodging, food and connections all went very well. This vacation will rank very high on our most memorable adventures. We managed to see all 5 of the Big 5 – thanks to Mike. This is not to say that all the other guides were not great, they were, Mike was exceptional. Thanks much!!"

10/2009 – Tanzania + Okavango Delta

Mary G. (USA)

"I am looking forward to traveling with you again soon"

10/2009 – Cycling along the Garden Route to Cape Town - 12 days