Noluthando Day Care Centre Cape Town

New classroom is almost finished!
23.5.2014: After winning the second place in a local competition (population in Khayelitsha is 700.000) Noluthando was not able to take in all the kids who need a place. For this reason we extended the day care centre with an additional classroom in 2013 and another one between March and May 2014. Mavis Mbaba, 65 years young and still a very motivated principal and founder of Noluthando even used money out of her retirement fund to help finish the last classroom. Of course we support her project as we always did since 1997 (over 1.100.000 Rand – 110.000 USD so far). David, our versatile handyman from Mitchells Plain, always delivers high quality work. To winter proof the last house we still need support of about 29.000 Rand (2.900 USD) to do the following:

  • Varnish outside walls of classrooms
  • Replace and add missing gutters
  • projecting roof
  • Cables, lamps, fans, electric plugs, light switches
  • Sheetrock and ceiling insolation

23.5.2014 Pictures of oustanding work

Work completed since 1998:

Pictures and description of work done in 2014

Pictures and description of work done in 2013

Pictures and description of work done in 2012

Pictures and description of work done in 2011

Pictures of the years 1998 till 2010

History of Noluthando
On the 17th of January 1994 Mavis Mbaba founded a childcare centre in Khayelitsha with 45 children at her private home. In January 1995 the community council leased a plot of land with the support of British Petroleum (BP), and step by step Noluthando – The place of Love and Care – was established. At present 400 children between the ages of two months and six years are being cared for from 6 am until 6 pm. Eighteen employees are working for the Noluthando Educare Centre. Six Educare teachers (incl. Mavis Mbaba) have been trained on the basis of the Waldorf method. After leaving the Educare Centre most of the kids attend the Waldorf School, only 500m away from Noluthando.

African Bikers has supported the project in Khayelitsha since September 1998. The main objective in coordination with Mavis Mbaba is to maintain and upgrade the centre. In the past we built classrooms, we organized construction work through local workers to create a child friendly surrounding. Mavis Mbaba is solely responsible for the educational content. Over the past 16 years and with the generous donations of our guests we were able to spend over 1.100.000 Rand (110.000 USD) to build the following:

  • 8 class and play rooms
  • Playground with sand box, slides, swings and jungle gym
  • 2.2 meter fens to secure the property
  • Kitchen with washing machine, 1 gas stove, 1 electronic stove, permanent hot and cold water
  • Toilet house with 2 adult and 11 kids toilets
  • 5 big water tanks to catch rain water
  • Secure Mavis’s office against invasion
  • Well shaft with feed pump for watering the garden as well as flushing the toilets
  • Roofage of 100 qm and paving the ground
  • Countless maintenance/improvement and renovation work

During our visits to Khayelitsha and the centre some donations are given. To maintain the projects your support counts. Your donation will make a little difference for the children’s daily life. Please transfer your donation to the following account:
South Africa
Bank: Nedbank Gardens
Konto: Masikhule – to grow
Kontonr.: 201 008 6260
Bank Code: 10-10-09-00
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ
100% of the funds go directly to the project as we don’t charge administration fees.
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