Terms and Conditions

The services provided and the respective responsibilities and liabilities are outlined and governed by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS


These tours are under the management of AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS CC, hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”.

1.) Conclusion of the travel contract

On receipt of your signed booking form by AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS a travel contract between you AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS is concluded. The following terms are part of this contract. The booking is done through the signing person for all other participants listed in the booking form. Therefore the signing person is also liable for all other participants listed in the booking form.

2.) Payment

The full amount is payable prior to commencement of a tour. – For bookings made 30 days or more prior to departure the deposit for the booked tour according to the price list is payable. – For bookings made less than 30 days prior to departure the full amount for the booked tour is payable immediately.
Non-compliance with the mentioned terms of payment entitles AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS to cancel your booking and charge the full cancellation fees as mentioned in Pos. 5.

3.) Change of prices and schedules

Changes in price on behalf of AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS are allowed in the following instances: – Increase of transport costs (fuel, taxes etc.) – Exchange rates (the advertised rates are based on exchange rates at the time of going to press)
AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS undertakes to inform you about any price increase latest 21 days prior to departure. Should the price increase exceed 5% you are entitled to cancel the travel contract without any cancellation fees. AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS reserves the right to minor changes to the tour schedule (accommodation, way of transport, route, times etc.) should unforeseeable circumstances make this necessary. Should substantial changes become necessary AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS undertakes to inform you as soon as possible. In this event you are entitled to cancel the travel contact without any cancellation fee. Should AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS after the departure date realize that a major part of the agreed on schedule cannot be delivered, AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS will make every possible effort to deliver an alternative schedule of equal value.

4.) Replacing persons

Until 14 days prior to the date of commencement of a tour you are entitled to let yourself be replaced by a third person for a transfer charge of US$ 100.-.
The replacement person should meet the required standards of fitness according to the published tour schedule and his/her participation must not conflict with any legal regulations.

5.) Cancellation through the client

The client is entitled to cancel the contract at any time on the following terms: – up to 30 days prior to departure the full deposit according to the price list is payable – 30 to 8 days prior to departure 50% of the full price per person is payable – 7 days and less prior to departure 90% of the full price per person is payable.

6.) Cancellation through the tour operator

If the minimum number of participants required for a tour is not reached, AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS is entitled to cancel a tour not less than 4 weeks prior to the departure date. Already paid amounts are refunded without deductions. AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS is entitled to cancel a contract at a later stage if the tour is expected to be endangered or largely affected by unforeseeable circumstances such as civil or political unrest, strike, government action, quarantine restrictions, natural disaster etc. or events that could not be foreseen even with all due care. If the contract is cancelled AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS is entitled to claim an adequate compensation for already delivered services or services still needed to be delivered in order to finish the tour.

7.) Complaints

Should the tour fail substantially to correspond with the schedule laid out in the tour description you are entitled and obliged to bring any shortcoming to your tour guide’s attention immediately and to demand them to be redressed. Should you tour guide not offer an appropriate solution within 48 hours you are entitled to redress the situation yourself. Any resulting costs will be carried by AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS within the schedule agreed on in the travel contract provided they are claimed in writing AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS no longer than 30 days after finishing the tour. Any claim is fortified if the complaint is not lodged immediately.

8.) Liability

The liability of AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS for damages to property is limited to three times the selling price. AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS cannot be held liable for damages to property, if they are caused by your own negligence or actions or by not avertable negligence or actions of a third party not being involved in carrying out the contract or by force majeure or by any other not foreseeable or not avertable event. Delays or changes within the tour schedule which can be attributed to special circumstances in a country or force majeure and on which AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS has no influence and the consequences of which cannot be averted even with all due care do not represent a deficiency entitling to any reduction. AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS cannot be held liable for the services of air carriers. A possible claim is handled in accordance to the regulations of the concerned companies.

9.) Health and visa regulations

The necessary preparations (passport, visa, vaccinations) as well as the compliance with regulations concerning visa, health or vaccinations are your own responsibility. Any costs caused by negligence in this regard have to be fully carried by yourself.

10.) Insurance

At AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS you are not insured against accident or illness. It is your own obligation to check on your insurance policy and if necessary take out any additional insurance for cover abroad.

11.) Final agreement

The invalidity of parts of the terms of contract do not result in the invalidity of the entire contract. For any claims against AFRICAN BIKERS TOURS the legal domicile is in Cape Town, South Africa.