Ethiopia Latest Travel Rules 17.9.2020

Quarantine requirements
All passengers arriving into the country are subject to mandatory self-isolation or quarantine.

Passengers carrying a negative PCR Covid-19 test certificate dated within the previous 120 hours (5 days) are required to self-isolate at home for 14 days, where possible. Only PCR tests will be accepted. You will be tested again upon arrival. You may need to demonstrate you have such a test certificate before boarding your flight.

All other passengers will be subject to 7 days mandatory quarantine at government designated hotels. You may choose from a range of hotels at different prices, but cannot change hotel once your quarantine has started. Passengers are responsible for the full cost of their stay in quarantine. You may need to demonstrate that you have made a hotel booking for your quarantine before boarding your flight.

During quarantine you will be tested for coronavirus. If you test negative you will be required to self-isolate at home where possible for a further 7 days. If you test positive you may need to stay in quarantine or at an isolation centre until you have recovered and tested negative.

If you cannot self-isolate at home, you will be subject to mandatory quarantine at a government designated isolation centre instead. Visitors on holiday who are not staying with family and friends, cannot self-isolate at ‘home’ and will not be allowed to choose where to self-isolate. You will be monitored by the Ethiopian health authorities throughout your quarantine and self-isolation. You may be moved to an isolation facility or hospital if you develop symptoms.